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Pensions 2014/15 - challenges and opportunities

The pensions landscape has never been so dynamic and so daunting for Trustees, employers or those in the public sector. However, with the right advice there also many opportunities.

We have picked out some of the key areas you may want to be thinking about as 2015 approaches;

Avoid paying too much: Surveys of fees paid by pension schemes continue to show huge variation in the amounts being paid for broadly similar services, particularly for small and medium sized pension schemes. It is relatively easy to obtain an indicative quote to benchmark your current providers.

Manage your PPF levy: Following the move to Experian as the insolvency score provder, we have seen huge swings in the scoring used to determine the PPF levy and can help you to understand how it might be managed

Achieve your strategic goals: As schemes mature and become net dis-investors they are more exposed to the current volatile investment markets and can rely less on long term out performance to meet any losses. In such circumstances it is important that theTrustees and Company agree on shared long term objectives, understand the scheme risks and delegate relevant decisions appropriately.

FRS102 and the end of the multi-employer opt out: If you participate in a multi-employer scheme, it will be important to understand the implications of FRS102, even if you already fully disclose in your accounts.

Admission bodies: It is vital to negotiate terms and obtain seperate advice before taking on any LGPS liabilities.


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